Air Filtration

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Filtration and Indoor Air Quality

Filtering the air inside your home protects your health, your home and even your furnishings, as well as allowing your HVAC system to operate at peak efficiency.

Filtration, indoor air quality and your health

Dust, pet dander and other airborne particles circulates throughout the air in your home and inside your duct system. Family members who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments are particularly sensitive to these contaminants.

Filtration, indoor air quality and your home

Airborne particles and contaminants also affect your home and furnishings. You need to dust frequently, or in more serious cases, you may even experience mold on your furniture.

Filtration and your heating and air conditioning system

Airborne particles and contaminants circulating throughout your home and inside your duct system. If not filtered properly, cause your HVAC system to operate at lower efficiency, affecting your comfort and your utility costs. If your home filtration system is poorly designed, it allows excessive debris to build up on your furnace's internal components and evaporator coil surface resulting in costly damage.

How Shumate can help

Your certified Shumate technician can identify and clean HVAC components exposed to high levels of airborne dirt or debris, and install filters to help remove airborne contaminants, allergens and pollutants from your home. Shumate is certified by the International Indoor Air Quality Commission, an independent certification body for professionals in the indoor air quality field.

You can rely on certified Shumate professionals' expertise and care in providing you with cleaner, healthier and more comfortable indoor air.

Shumate can also help you improve your home's indoor air quality with: humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights and duct cleaning.

Tip: Make sure to schedule your preventative maintenance. With a Shumate home maintenance plan, you'll lower your monthly utility bills by having a more efficient HVAC system. More importantly, a maintained system dramatically lengthens the life of your equipment, saving you thousands of dollars by not having to prematurely replace your system.

Shumate Comfort Customers enjoy pre-season preventive maintenance check-ups twice a year. They're also entitled to other benefits like priority service and special discounts. Learn more